Large scale projection of painting films onto the Australian Parliament building. Premiering April 27, 2015. Music written and performed in collaboration with guitarist Elliott Sharp. (Update in March 2015)

Alive Violet Frequency was commissioned by the 2015 Adelaide Festival and premiered at the opening of the festival in a large-scale projection onto the Australian Parliament House, February 27, 2015. Music by Elliott Sharp (8-string guitar) and Perry Hall (electric bass). All of the images in the video were created by filming the patterns created by channeling sound waves through liquid paint. Guitarist Elliott Sharp can be heard opening the piece, with Hall creating the chaotic sounds that pan from left to right channels on electric bass. The voice-like "singing" at the end of the piece was also created on electric bass.
Music © 2015 by Elliott Sharp and Perry Hall.

Below: Photos of Alive Violet Frequency  projected onto the Australian Parliament Building as part of the opening of the 2015 Adelaide Festival.